Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Raining for the third day in a row! It makes me want to sit on the couch watch movies and look through all the holiday inspired magazines, that are piling up on the coffee table. Blink and November will be gone. Time to start making lists! Food lists, gift lists and don't forget to do lists! But for now I am watching "The Holiday" my go to movie. Have a wonderful weekend!


Shellmo said...

I'm a list person too...thanks for the reminder....I gotta get cracken! :-)

steviewren said...

My daughter and I have already made our plans to watch that movie again this holiday season!

OMGosh! I have so much to do...and I keep getting side tracked! AHHHHH!

Julie said...

November is just going tooooooooo fast! We're still working on the house, but planning to take a break soon. Hoping that we'll be at a breaking point before Thanksgiving. :*0
How 'bout you make a few lists for me? C'mon, please?!?

Daphine said...

Yep, November is totally gone! I am already finding myself stressing just a tad when I think of what I need to get done! Oh well! One day at a time, huh?

Lavinia said...

It's amazing isn't it, how fast November is flying by.....we had a rainy for the most part weekend too. I think I watched 5 movies last weekend!