Monday, June 30, 2008

Strawberries !

About a week ago I went strawberry picking with my niece, her daughters and a family friend. We had such a nice time and the strawberries were very tasty. Schartner Farms is a local farm that is known for their produce, plants, gift shop and pies.

These strawberries are long since gone. They were covered in chocolate, topped a pound cake and were mixed in club soda with mint, fresh of course.

I just love what they did with the tablecloth. I would love to duplicate that with a small table I have in the kitchen. They have such a nice gift area, it really inspires me whenever I stop by.

I am quite camera shy, but here I am picking a few strawberries. It was such a beautiful day. Just look at the bright blue sky.

Vintage Floral

Friday, I made a few more paper projects. I bought this journal at Target a few months back and I have wanted to cover it since then. Right now I seem to be in a vintage floral phase. So, I am going to go with it for a little while longer.

This is a little telephone/address book. I wanted a small telephone book to keep in my car. Calling 411 from your cell phone can be costly. I may see if they have any more, it was very easy to do.

I am not that happy with the quality of these pictures, I took them late at night. Still learning things about my camera.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last Trip

I want to share a picture of my last trip to the local garden shop. I have promised myself that this will be my final, last, never going back trip. If there is a half off sale I will be tempted, I just have to be strong. Everything from this trip has been potted or planted in the ground except for the lovely pink flowers in the front. By the way Mary loved her wreath!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Paper Roses

Tomorrow a dear friend celebrates her 50 th birthday! It also happens to be her 25 th wedding anniversary this week too. A group of us will be celebrating this weekend with dinner in Newport. It took three tries but I have found the right dress and shoes to match! Now hopefully the weather will cooperate. An evening in Newport, Rhode Island should be done with a light breeze off the ocean. No rain, please no rain. I would highly recommend Newport for a long weekend. I made a card and a paper wreath for Mary, I hope she likes them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mint !

Last year I planted spearmint for the first time. Not too many recipes call for mint but I do like to add it to a cold glass of club soda. At the local farm/garden shop I found orange and chocolate mint. I haven't had a chance to use either yet, but I will soon. I wonder if I will be able to tell the difference between orange and chocolate?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Paper Wreath

This is my first attempt at making a paper wreath. The first time I saw a wreath like this was at Bittersweet Punkin a while ago. I did not have any instructions, so it was all trial and error. I took it apart a few times during the process but all it all it was quite easy to make. I am not too sure if I like the little green leaves I put on the side. They are glued on now and they are not coming off. I actually like the wreath very much. It has a vintage/garden feel. It has not found its permanent place in the house yet. I know I want to make more, now I just have to find the time! Smaller ones would make cute Christmas ornaments, don't you think?

Have a wonderful Weekend !

The weather has been near perfect for the past few days. I am happy to report that I have been quite busy! I have been strawberry picking, planting flowers (surprise) and attending a few graduation parties. I did take a few minutes to make a delicious drink from the freshly picked strawberries and chocolate mint I bought on Thursday. I have many things on the to -do list today and one is finishing my paper project. It really isn't a big is just something I have been wanting to make for a while now. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I will not take that Step

I am working on a project that I am quite pleased with at the moment. That could all change, if I go that one step too far. I have taken that step a few times and that little step is the difference between I love it and being tossed in the trash. These are some of the materials I am using. There are a few of bloggers out there who know what this will end up being. As I said in my last blog, I am inspired by many of you. I have been neglected a few things around the house this week, so this project will have to wait until later to be completed. I took that "last trip" to the garden shop and have a few plants that need tending to, now! Not to mention laundry, dishes, food shopping and a little dusting would not hurt. I will post the finished project soon, if I do not go that little extra step.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Being more Creative

When I first discovered blogging over a year ago, I was amazed at how many creative people there were out. I made cards and I sewed a bit, but these people were just so imaginative. My work before blogging just lacked something. I never really stepped out of the box. Okay, my work was boring. I still have a long way to go. But now, at least I am on the road to being more creative. A year ago if I had bought this postcard, I would of mailed it. This year, I turned it into an envelope. It could hold a gift card, cash or a note. I sewed three sides, leaving one side open and added a little ribbon and a button. Before blogging I would of never thought of sewing on paper. Thank you to all the bloggers who inspire me everyday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For the Love of Pergolas

If I could do one thing to the outside of our house, I would add another pergola. They just add so much interest to a house. A pergola with a red brick patio underneath would just be too much to ask for, but I can dream can't I? I am working on the small pergola that we have. No, I am not building one just adding a little something. Our pergola is not painted white, how nice would that be? None of these pergolas are ours. I borrowed them from the Internet.

I do not even want a hot tub ,but if it meant another pergola, bring it on.

They say if you are going to dream, then dream big. This would be my dream back yard. The house is a bit big, but I guess if I had to take it I would. Does it come with a maid, because I can not imagine cleaning it. The window cleaning alone would be exhausting!

I love how they draped fabric over the roof for some much needed shade. It does not have a brick patio, so this one will just not do.

Sewing can be Fun

Last summer I got reacquainted with my sewing machine. In the past I would take it out to sew new valances or a pillow or two. Last summer however I started making fun things. It started with a hobo style handbag I made for myself from a Simplicity pattern. Then I started making the hobo bags for gifts. That led to making cute little accessories to go with the bags. It all kind of snowballed. Now I have a small box I keep all the extra fun things in. If I need a gift in a hurry I can always go there first.

You can see that one is a checkbook cover, now that I see it, I may just use it myself. There is a small purse that can be used to hold a gift card and a key chain with a a small pocket that can hold some emergency money. I have a feeling the sewing machine may be coming out again, soon.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thanks Dad !

I hope that you will not mind a few more pictures of my deck. I never usually do anything to this side, but I am on a roll. It is just a small little section, but I love little nooks and crannies. The flag has been there for years, I must say it has done well for all the horrible weather we have in Rhode Island. The flowers are on sale at the local garden shop, I think one more trip and I will be done for the season.

I love the look of white on white. But,the black pot adds that little bit of contrast. I really did not plan any of this, it all just sort of fell together.

The reason it fell together is because my father dropped the table and two chairs off the other day. I am not sure what I did to deserve it, but I love the way it looks, in this usually neglected part of the deck. I did not even see the light from the lamp when I took the picture, but I like the way it looks. Sad thing is that I took the picture at 5:00 in the evening and there was a bit of thunder off in the distance and that put a quick end to all of my outside fun for the day.

Wonderful Weekend

Have a wonderful Weekend! Happy Father's Day!
Block Island, Rhode Island 2006

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Dishes Will Have to Wait!

It happened again ...this time while I was doing the dishes. There it was on the kitchen counter, an empty box. The box that my checks come in was just lying there, waiting to be put in the recycle bin. What was I thinking, I could put pretty pretty paper on it and use it for something! The dishes will have to wait. This had to be done and done quickly.

In less than an hour the box was covered, now what was I going to do with it? The dishes are still in the sink and the water is now cold. That is alright because it happens a lot.

The artists trading cards I made a few weeks ago were still in a pile at the end of the counter. It seems they are a perfect fit to the newly covered box.

The artist trading card in the picture below is titled "Ocean State" because that is the nick name of the state I call home. The biggest little state in the union, Rhode Island.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Basil Basil Basil Basil

I planted basil for the first time last year, it was such a success that I bought more last week. Most of the basil was planted in a large container, but I had a couple of plants leftover so I put some in this clay pot. That just wasn't enough so I tied a piece of red gingham fabric around the top and popped this basil sign in the dirt. We make a lot of grilled pizzas in the summer and I love fresh basil on mine. I really enjoy going outside and picking a few pieces of basil instead of going to the market and paying $3.oo a bunch. I really liked how the pot came out, so I went to Jo Ann's and bought a few more signs, they were 1/2 off $1.99 For about $10.00 I made three more. I think they will make nice gifts. I know my Mom will just love one.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is it hot or is it just Me?

I guess it is official, it is hot! Sure, the weatherman gets it right this time. I hope everyone is finding ways to stay cool. Our air conditioner and ceiling fans have been running almost non stop since Saturday. I have been drinking lots of water and by the way so have my plants. I have been watering in the morning and evening. I even moved them to shady areas on the deck. I hope they all make it.

When I went to get the paper today I bought two ice cream treats. I do not remember the last time I hand picked ice cream treats right from the store freezer. The kind of freezer that has all the ice cream treats from your childhood priced to sell individually. When I was young we always had the ice cream truck go through our neighborhood during the summer. Can you remember how fast you would run to get that ice cream? My kids never had the ice cream truck make a daily visit to our house. We live in the rural area of town. Do they know what they missed?

In the top left hand corner of the first picture there are two cans of peaches. I was going to make a peach cobbler today but I ate the ice cream treat instead. I will admit I was not disappointed by my choice of treats, it was very good. I want to make the cobbler later this week.

Time for Change

Time to change the centerpiece for the dining room table. I have had this old tool box for years. It was painted red when I bought it, if I am not mistaken. I have since painted it black ,blue and now finally yellow and white. I bought fabric last week to recover the dinning room chairs. I have wanted to change the fabric for a while now, but I have to be in the mood to do this project. You can see one chair right behind the new centerpiece. I was looking for a Napa Valley feel a few years back. Lots of rusts, reds and browns. Now, I am in the mood for a change. I just need to get going. Changing the centerpiece maybe the start I need.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What I did this Weekend

The weatherman was right this weekend! The forecast was for heat and that is what we got! I sat in this chair, under the umbrella (out of picture), listened to the Red Sox, had a fruit drink with lots of ice and read a few of my favorite magazines on Saturday. My husband and I go to the same restaurant almost every weekend, the outdoor seating was open but we opted for indoor with air conditioning. Unfortunately with heat sometimes there are thunderstorms and as I type this on Sunday we are about to have a nice little storm. So much for hamburgers on the grill. The heat will continue for a few days and I plan to take it easy.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Enjoy the Weekend

I hope that everyone has a nice weekend. The weather in Rhode Island is going to change drastically. The temperature is 57 degrees right now and it will climb into the 90's tomorrow. You really feel the heat when the temperature changes so quickly. It is all or nothing here. Summer is my favorite season, ask me how I feel about summer in a few days? I picked a few flowers from Country Living. Enjoy!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Rain rain go Away

You know it is a rainy day when the cushions from the chairs are under the umbrella and the pillows that are usually on the swing are safely tucked inside the house. Everyone once in a while you need a rainy day to catch up on housework you have been putting off for years, I mean days. The grass and plants are always greener after a spring rain. We always need rain to keep the lakes and ponds full for summer activities. But for me it is a sad day in late spring when you look out and the cushions are under the umbrella.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Artist Trading Cards

Does everyone know about Artist Trading Cards but me? They are individual art miniatures which pass hand to hand, from artist to artist. At least that is how Wikipedia defines them. The card measures 2.5" x 3.5" the same size as a baseball card. ATCs are usually made on a base of card stock. But other materials such as wood, leather, canvas and water color paper can also be used for the base. The artwork can be done in any media water color, rubber stamps, collage and colored pencils, basically the sky is the limit. The fun part is ATCs are meant to be traded and not sold. Trading the cards can be done in person but trading is also done by mail and Internet.

I am not sure how much trading I will do, but I already have a trading partner. I am having a lot of fun making ATCs. Right now I have made all of my cards from paper, because paper is what I know. I am going to try to paint and maybe rubber stamp some cards, but for now it is paper. The cards below are a few of what I have made so far. The cards in this book are so creative, mine are quite basic but I have to start somewhere. There will NOT be a quiz on this later.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have beeen Tagged!

I have been tagged by Robin at Bittersweet Punkin to answer a few questions about myself.
I made this tag for a gift I will be giving this weekend. Can you guess it is for a little girl? 1. What was I doing ten years ago? ..........In 1998 my daughters were still in grade and I was driving them back and forth to school and all their activities. They were involved in dance, art class and softball. Basically I was the typical stay at home mom. I was still involved in crafts, it was mostly painting at that time.
2. Five things on my to do list..........The dreaded to do list. I would like to clean my bedroom closet, paint the front steps, clean my car inside and out, finish my daughter's bedroom and think of more ideas for this wonderful world of blogging.
3. Snacks I enjoy..........I will say Baked Lays Chips, red or black licorice, gum drops, sliced apples and red grapes.
4. Things I would do if I were a millionaire..........Does a million dollars go as far as it use to? I would give my daughters $250,000 each. Now, I have $500,000 and I would buy my husband a Corvette, I do not know why but he wants one. Give our parents a gift of their choice. A small vacation home would be nice, somewhere in Vermont. Set up a college scholarship fund for kids in town. College is so expensive. A long vacation would be nice.
5. Places I have lived.....I have always lived in the same town in Rhode Island. For some reason I have always wanted to live in Virginia, by the ocean of course. I need to live near the water.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things

I was going through a stack of magazines on Saturday. Tearing out pictures of kitchens I will never have, places I will never visit and things I will never make. But still I do this every month or so. I thought it might be nice to share a few pictures of things that make me smile or I must have in the summer.

I love to wear dresses in the summer. They are much cooler and no need to match anything. I like to do my own nails. This is a pretty pink color. Cute sandals, I buy them but do I ever wear them? I always grab the same black flip flops from two years ago.

You all know I love my flowers. Have you ever tried strawberries in your salad? If not give it a try. I like to put pears, apples, raisins and sometimes even pineapples in my salad.

I have been drinking iced coffee for as long as I can remember. It is a standard year round drink here in Rhode Island. The Atlantic Ocean, I visit the beach a few times during the summer. It is about 45 minutes away, including stopping for coffee on the way.
I love to take a book outside and just sit on my swing and read. I mean sit on the swing and read. Motion and reading is not a good thing for me. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons by far. Sunshine, 80 degrees and a light breeze that is my idea of a start to a fine day.

Self tanners, I have been using them for years. The results have varied as anyone who uses them will know. I am using this one this year and I like it. Now, I am going outside to water and weed the flowers , the sun is shining and there is a light breeze, temperature is about 75.

PS I see that I spelled sandals wrong, I am sorry it was late last night when I was doing this. I think I am going to have to double and triple check my spelling. Also, on the top of the first picture there are two ice cream cookie sandwiches, need I say more?