Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank you Mother Nature!

We are having one fantastic summer in Rhode Island as far as I am concerned! So this is where I hope to spend most of the weekend! The "dark side of the deck" will be behind me! I found that cute 4 foot umbrella at Lowe's for $5.00. I knew this would be a great spot for it. It will cast just enough shade so I will not get too much sun. Again, thank you Mother Nature and please forgive me for all my ranting about that last snowstorm in March!
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Friday, July 30, 2010

The darkside of the deck!

I did want to show you what is on the other side of the deck, this little mess.It is not very pretty! Last week we had two large trees and two over sized shrubs removed. This is what was left behind! It was my husbands idea to do this, we have too much shade in our yard. The trees did not allow any sun to shine on the deck or for that matter into the house. I hated how the yard looked at first, I wanted my trees back. The sunshine is nice though, I have noticed the difference already. My husband was right, again. I hate when that happens and it has been happening a lot lately! I hope it stops soon, I like being right! I hope he has an idea for this mess! I am sure he does.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love my deck!

I would like to tell you a little about our deck. The original deck lasted 26 years. It served us very well, but it had to go! It had become hazardous! All that is left of it now is the framing and the balusters.
I love big pots with pretty plants! This pot is on a base that has wheels. It can be moved around quite easily. Great idea! I love to change this around now and then. That is an understatement!

I had my doubts about having the balusters painted white. Okay, I down right hated them at first and let's just say I was almost in tears. It was a big change from the natural look they had been before. Now, I love the way they look. I guess it takes me a few days to get use to changes.
The stairs lead to my favorite little spot on the deck. The whiskey barrel has pink impatience and basil in it! Basil is so easy to grow and I use it all the time. I like going outside and picking a few leaves for sauces or pizzas. Stop by and pick a few leaves I have another basil plant on the deck.

My husband would love to keep this area empty, but what is the fun in that? I am hoping to find a few end of the season sales on furniture. I'd better hurry before the Christmas decorations are out.

The summer of 2010 has been sunny and warm in New England. I can start my morning off outside and I have sitting been outside reading until almost 9 PM. As nice as the summer has been that can change in a minute. I have to take advantage of every nice day and evening. I have not been doing too much crafting and I miss it. But that could also change. I have enough craft supplies and ideas to keep me very busy! I have crafted outside before, why not this year? Maybe because it is too warm!!!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crop It!

The other night while I was sitting outside reading and waiting for the first bat to make it's appearence. That is when I know it is time to go inside. I don't like bats, never have, never will! They have their place, I know that. But that is not the point of this post. I noticed how nice the lights look on the beam over the kitchen counter. I decided to take a picture of the kitchen from outside. Then when I looked at the picture, I noticed the ugly black wall phone next to the closet door! I should really get rid of that telephone. We never even use it , we always use the portable.
I can't get rid of the telephone until I find something to put in it's place. So I cropped the picture to get rid of it. If only things were that easy! I would be cropping a lot of things!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Outdoor Seating

The deck is done! I can open the screen door walk out and have my morning coffee while sitting on this couch. My father bought it for me over two years ago. It was at his house until last month. I could never find the right cushions for it. It was originally painted black but I asked him to paint it green. Now, I wish it would of stayed black, isn't that just the way it is? But green it is and green is good. After two years of looking I finally found cushions that fit with just a little alteration. They can be rather expensive, cushions that is. I found these for $20 a piece. That is a very good price.
What is so great about these cushions is that they are reversible. Striped on one side, floral on the other. I really love this little couch and believe it or not, it is very comfortable. I will have more pictures of the deck to come very soon. Let's just say my cute little garden deck has been transformed into something more sophisticated. I really loved all my little plants and mixtures of time worn furniture, however my husband likes clean lines. I am beginning to see things the same way. But I still like my polka dotted pots and little whimsical pieces! I will blend I am determined to make it work!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday Night Dining

Last night my husband and I went out to eat at "Hemingway's" in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. It is right on the water and the view at night was spectacular. It was about 8 o'clock so there were a lot of boats in their slips. I'm not sure if that is the right terminology but I'm going with it! There are three restaurants within shouting distance of one another. They all had white lights and lanterns. There were stars in the sky and the moon was in full view. I didn't want to leave. But it had been hot and humid all day and that can tire you out! The reason for this post, I had a lobster sandwich! That is what it was called on the menu because it is served on a bun not a roll. They can call it what they want, but it was a lobster roll, don't try to be cute with the wording this is New England and it is a lobster roll! A few weeks ago I had a lobster BLT now, that was good! It's a great way to make a little lobster go a long way!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Watch Hill A Perfect Summer Destination!

Let me brag a little about my home state of Rhode Island. There is a small village called Watch Hill that is great for a day trip. It is right on the Atlantic Ocean. The pictures below will show you why I love the summer so much! I don't live on the beach but it is just 30 minutes away!
It has beautiful marinas.

I am not a boat person, but I am willing to give it another try.

The Main Street is full of quaint little shops and restaurants.

The beaches are beautiful.

Oh and it has a light house of course.

I mentioned that the Main Street has lots of shops. Some of the shops have affordable little trinkets and treasures. You know the Watch Hill sweatshirts for reasonable prices. But there are other shops that have high end clothing and accessories.
Watch Hill has many beautiful private homes!

Imagine that this could be a summer residence?

There are a few inns if you decide to extend your day trip into a long weekend. There is enough to do in the Westerly area. Mystic Seaport and two large casinos are right down the road, they belong to the state of Connecticut.

I would love to be sitting here right now. I know that it would not be as peaceful a scene as this picture. So, I will wait to go during the week when it tends to be quite, more like this image.

If you are ever in New England you have to have a lobster roll! I am sorry to show you this if you haven't had lunch or dinner just yet! I would love to have one right now. The day is still young, maybe supper!

Watch Hill is a great place to spend the day, I know I have been doing it for years.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

This and That

I finished all my outdoor sewing projects! I made cushions for the chairs a few weeks ago. I love Adirondack chairs, even green plastic ones! I want to buy new tan chairs, but they won't fit in my car! But, I will find a way to get them! If not this year, next year!

This little napkin can keep the glass from getting too wet and I think it looks so pretty! Oh, the humidity in Rhode Island can be awful in the summer!

I stumbled upon a great book sale at Barnes an Noble! I have been reading quite a bit this summer. Still not as much as I would like, but it is a start and as you can see I still have a few books to read.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yellow House

The house painting is finally finished! I am very happy with the results. There were a few days when I thought why didn't I just pick gray or tan? But I am glad that I did not chicken out, I like the yellow. It was time for a change and it will be yellow for a long time to come. We decided not to put the shutters back on the house. I like the look.

This side of the house was added back in 1992. It is funny how back then we needed extra room. Now, I wish we could go back to the original house size. Less to clean!

I like the blue door!

The wreath was on sale at Jo Anne's for $13.00.

I have had these blue pots for years. They go nicely with the blue door.
I had to put the wind chime back in it's place. I love the sound it makes, but for some reason it has been very quiet since I put it back. Maybe it has been a calm summer. I hope when the fall comes it starts to chime again.

This bird house has to be ten years old. You can see it has been used a bit over the years.

I had to buy a new mat for the porch. The colors are perfect even though this picture is rather dark. Well, that is the new look of our house. I am happy with it. I have always wanted a yellow house.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ice Cream Cake

I am not that great at taking pictures of food! But I did not want that to stop me from sharing this ice cream cake recipe with you. My father turned 75 last weekend and we had a small birthday party for him at our house. A great opportunity to try something new! I found this recipe at (I love her blog) it is called "Caramel Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert". The ingredients are ice cream sandwiches, cool whip, caramel and chocolate sauces and toffee bits. It was very easy to make! Next time I think I will make the recipe in half, or have a bigger party! I think it could even be made in a loaf pan.
I would like to see if I could find chocolate ice cream sandwiches. A mixture of vanilla and chocolate would be nice.
It was easy to make and everyone liked it! That is always a good thing!
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Bad Blogger

I have been such a bad blogger lately. I want to be better. I wish I could say I have been busy doing fun summer things but that is not the case. Our house is painted and the deck is all finished but, I did not have anything to do with that. I usually just baked some brownies and muffins for the guys who were working out there in the heat! But, since their work is done I can finally get out there and do some fun stuff! I am going to make a few pillows for the chairs that I have around the pool. The pool liner has to be replaced! It was 15 years old, it could not wait until the end of the summer to go. No! Why not the week before the 4th of July! But the chairs will look pretty with the new pillows. I am trying to be positive here, things could be worse.

I usually do not wear garden gloves, but these are so pretty! I had to buy them. I could use them when I spray paint a few things for the yard. I always get paint on my hands and spray paint is not that easy to wash off.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4. 2010

I always have a few flags tucked here and there. This little flag is on the front door.

This one is on the shed door.

This is metal wine chime flag that needs a little tlc, the colors are fading but otherwise, I like it.

This flag in a whiskey barrel that I have some flowers in along with some basil. I found out a few summers ago how easy basil is to grow and now I just go outside and pick a fresh bunch of basil whenever I need it.

Well, I love my flags and I love my country!
Have a safe and happy July 4, 2010!

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