Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Work in progress

I am working on a few little paper projects. I am using the same colored paper for both hoping that by doing so I will have less of a mess. It seems to be working.

How is it possible I am out of glue sticks? These will have to wait until tomorrow to be finished!
I am still working with different colors for my blog background! It's like painting with out a mess, I love it! There are so many colors to choose from!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Almost finished!

The finish line is insight, I can almost see it. By the end of next week, if the weather cooperates our house will be a beautiful shade of yellow! Or as I have found out a not so pretty shade when the sun is setting. The yellow can take on a bit of an orange hue at that time! Yikes, reminder to myself do not go out at sunset! And the color black for the door, it was a mistake with this shade of yellow. No disrespect to all you Pittsburgh Steeler fans out there, but there is no way this Patriot fan is going to have a yellow and black house. Even though I was informed that Steeler colors are more gold and black either way, no black door!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am on a little creative roll. I am not sure if it is the warm weather and sunshine or the fact that my allergies are not bothering me anymore. It might be a combination of the two, but for whatever reason I am feeling good and painting pots with polka dots. These pots are for two little friends of mine. I love their names Ella and Chloe.

I often wish that I had spell check in my brain. I love it when I am done with my post and I click spell check and magically all my misspelled words are corrected. I always feel happy when it tells me there were no misspellings found! But I had these two signs on my counter for over a week and my daughter said to me one day, "You know you spelled Chloe wrong?" I hadn't noticed and I thanked her for that. I would of been a little embarrassed if I brought them over with a simple name like Chloe misspelled. I wish I was a better speller! Okay, time to hit spell check! Only two mistakes and I blame that on the L key being a bit sticky on my computer! At least that is what I am thinking!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Subtle Change

Hopefully the deck will be finished by the end of June. Can you believe that is only a few days away? I am still getting things ready, so when it is done I can sit down and enjoy it. I bought this geranium at Jo Ann's today. I have a place on the deck that is rather shady and live plants have a tough time there. So this fake geranium is a perfect solution for my problem. It was a little bla.

I painted it a deep brown and put black polka dots on it! It is going to be perfect on my white table, or atleast I hope so.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black Trellis

The new deck is almost finished and I can not wait to start putting all my stuff back where it belongs. This trellis was on the house before, but it was painted white. Last week while I was driving around looking for house colors I saw a trellis just like this. I already had the spray paint so last Friday night I gave it a fresh few coats and I love it! Who new?

The frog I bought at Jo Anne's on sale for 60% off. They are already having their "End of the season Sale". How can that be when summer just started! Well, it worked out well for me because I have looking at this since March! The brown stain is new to the house. I really like it. I am very happy with all the changes so far. The yellow paint should be up by the weekend. I am leaning towards the blue shutters.

I just found the new design feature on blogspot, so I am trying out new colors. Wow, are there a lot of colors to choose from.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Choices to make

The last time we painted our house I wanted to paint it yellow. But, I never found the right shade. I did not want our house to resemble a school bus. So, we just had it painted gray for the second time! This time, I am determined to find the right shade. I bought different sample size colors. One was too dark, one to light and one did have a strong resemblance to the above mentioned bus. I have used different shades of yellow/golds inside our house over the years. So, I went in the basement and found a half empty can of paint. I think I had used it in the livingroom at one time. It was the perfect shade. I should of thought of that before I bought the samples! I am 99% sure I have made the right choice. I just called the painter and the order is probably being place now. No turning back now!

Now, I have to decide on the shutter color. I thought brown might be nice, however after a little more thought I am leaning towards either blue or red. This is a big step for me! The house has been gray since 1992! But it is time for a change! A big change at that.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This and That

There is a lot going on here at the old homestead. Besides being in the middle of a bathroom remodel. We are having the house repainted and our deck torn down and a new one being built. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy about all this! The house needs to be painted and the deck was getting a little dangerous! I am a little busy with all this and my blogging ideas are not all that thrilling. Good time for a little break to get the house in order and get some fresh new ideas to for my blog.
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