Saturday, August 1, 2009

Address Book

I have a before and after for everyone.
Since my daughter is living on her own I thought it would be nice to make her an address book. That way she would be ready to send out a birthday, thank you or Christmas card without having to call me for an address. Not that I mind her calling me, but everyone wants to be organized. Come to think of it I still call my Mom for addresses. I need to update my address book! I am in desperate need of organization. Crafter and organization just do not seem to go together!
This is the before, I bought it at Marshall for $1.00!

You know how we love the owls in our family. I will admit they are beginning to grow on me, too.

The book was lacking a little color. Why not add three little cute red hearts!
The picket fence was an after thought. The sign is covering up a mistake, too much distressing. I got a little carried away with my brown ink pad. Not a bad purchase for $1.00.
We had another gloomy rainy summer day yesterday when I was working on this project.
I may have to wait and take all my pictures on sunny days!
It is beautiful today! I will be outside working in the yard.
That means sitting on a lounge chair with a book and a beverage!
No need to water the plants with all the rain we have been getting!
Thanks for visiting!


Berlin Deluxxe said...

Your daughter is extremely lucky to receive such a neat book handcrafted by you :)
I love it!
And yes, you may use the phrase from my blog, I'm honored.

Carol said...

Great re-do on the address book! I know you daughter will enjoy using it.

Joy said...

wow, I really like those - great gift idea for sure. your daughter loved it I bet.

Anonymous said...

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