Monday, March 10, 2008

For the love of Owls

Someone in my family has a small obsession with owls. Not the kind you find in nature. She likes the kind you find on a tee shirt, a piece of jewelry or decorations for your home. When did this love of owls start? I do not know. Why owls? I now look for owls that been left behind by others in stores. Who knew owls were everywhere? Here are a few owls I have made from paper and fabric. They are not the kind that fly.

The owl on the left is made from left over fabric and could
be tossed on a chair or in a basket. The card was one of
my first attempts at an owl card.

I like this card I may have to make another one.

This card can be used for any occasion.

A clipboard that in my opinion should
just be left on a desk. I would hate to see it
covered with paper. It is too cute. But it has
left the nest and I have not control over it now.

I love the making these little journals .

This is yet another owl journal. I am sure it has
left the nest and has found a new home in the
fine state of New York.

This project started with an unfinished
cigar box and ended up as a box to hold
note cards. Owl note cards of course.


Painted Pink Pot said...

Gorgeous I love the Owls. I once had this very cute owl cookie jar but it had a acciedent in my hallway.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a cute idea with an owl. Very creative.

tarahksutton said...

i love owls:)

liz said...

that last little owl notebook is sitting on my desk, full of lists. thanks for it!

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I am happy to see your comment. As you know I am new to this. I like having a place to be a bit creative. Check in when you can a I would love to hear from you.

Rachel said...

These Owls are so wonderful. I want to make some of my own!