Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seed Packets

I bought these seed packets 5 for $1.oo. There is one missing because I used it making a birthday card. I glued one of the packets to a small wooden sign/pick. I glued my favorite punched out flowers on the packet. Tied a green ribbon to it and placed it in a potted plant on my kitchen counter. It is a simple craft but sometimes I just do not want a big mess. This shouts out SPRING.


Painted Pink Pot said...

You come up with the coolest things.

I need your imagination.

Wild Lady Slippers said...

Stacy keeping you busy with all her ideas, i dont know who has more you or her.I need to get going on my own ideas..and yes it did snow another 4".Enough already, i cant stop thinking about spring i want to be outside.I see you have seed packets, funny Steve bought some yesterday to start plants in the house...he's bored.Looks like the will get planted in june after the snow!!Well going to cook oysters for supper, never made them befor , let you know how it gos.

Rachel said...

Very cute! I love the one on the stick in the flowers.