Friday, April 17, 2009

Pretty Polka Dotted Pots

I told you I bought too many pansies for Easter. So off I went to the garden shop to buy more pots. These are painted a deep chocolate brown with off white dots. I wish the colors photographed better, but it was early when I took these pictures and our house is surrounded by very tall trees. Ther is not much sunlight on this side of the house in the morning.

I had to do a little paper crafting. It felt good to get the old glue gun out again. I even papered the birdhouse.

I very seldom see a rooster plate I don't want to buy. I bought two yesterday at Marshalls for $2.oo each. Now, I think the window needs a new curtain. I am thinking black and tan fabric would be just right. I see a trip to Jo Ann's in my future. The weather is going to be warm for the next few days so I also see another trip to the garden shop.
Thanks for visiting!


cindy said...

I just love those flower bright and happy!


steviewren said...

Your window is so cheery! I love the tall flower pots. I need to get to the garden shop myself. The crazy squirrels have already started digging up all the dirt left in my pots from last year. I just know they will try to destroy everything I plant. Arrrrgh!

Daphine said...

Lovin' the flower pots! You amaze me! I wish that you lived closer to teach me some of your crafts. WOW! I am just always blown away with what you do.

Have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

I love the flower pots. Pansies are such happy little flowers.

Have a great weekend1


Anonymous said...

Love those pots mom :0)
In fact I'm staring at them now while attempting to finish my homework...


Cathy Cobblestone said...

You did an awesome job on those pots my friend. Polka dots - my favorite - but you know that already. Love the lil' picks - they jus' needed your special touch! Hope you have a good week! Cathy