Friday, July 17, 2009


I finished my little project, they are bookmarks. I have saved so many creative ideas, that I decided it was time to sit down an make a few things.

I had to cut out a few triangles before I got the perfect size. Much to my amazement the first bookmark fit perfectly in the corner of the page. I made the second one and it was a another perfect fit! That does not usually happen, my first patterns usually end up in the trash. I like a positive start!

I like that they are fast to make and the mess is quite small. I already gave one to a friend, that is going to the beach for a week and plans on doing a lot of reading. I gave her the green one with the sea shell.

I love the colors in this marker. I love red, yellow and blue together. I think I should use them more often.
I hope these can inspire me to make more things. I miss getting up in the morning and turning on my computer to see if I have any comments.

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Carrie said...

those are the cutest bookmarks ever good job! love the bird

cool said...

i love these!

miss you

Lavinia said...

I actually heard about something very similar to this, when I read that one can cut the corners off used envelopes and use as bookmarks. And I actually did it too. Then they got lost somehow...oh well I can always snip more. But now that you've shown us the idea of decorating them, I think it sounds like a fun thing to do!

cindy said...

These are simply adorable! You always do the cutest things! :D

yapping cat

Daphine said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE these! Great job!!!

Daphine said...

I came back to look at these again....WOW! I really really love these! Are in interested in selling any them?

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Your bookmarkers are so sweet!