Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Concrete Rabbit

Some of my flowers made it through all the rainy gloomy days we had here in Rhode Island. I am happy to report this little "window box" is doing great!

Today while I was leaving my parents house I grabbed this little guy from their porch. He is a cute little rabbit made from concrete. He has a little moss on him, which I really like. I did not steal the rabbit, I did ask first.

There are a few more rabbits at my parents house. Should I get a few more? I think, yes.
However, all is not perfect. While taking these pictures I was stung by a bee!
20 minutes and an a few ice cubes later I am feeling a little better.
Thanks for visiting!


Lavinia said...

Bring on the rabbits! (If they're all as cute as this one). Too bad about the bee sting, how dare that little bee do that to you?!

We've been getting a soaking too, I think we're due north west of you...

BittersweetPunkin said...

Your window box looks so pretty!! I can't wait to get my water bill...we have been watering the lawn and plants quite heavily during this heatwave. It's been over a month with no rain and that's quite unusual for Washington! All the lawns around here and brown and crispy but ours is quite green....at a price I'm sure!


steviewren said...

I have a concrete bunny of my own that lives on my front porch. He likes it there so he stays put although he was kidnapped once by one of my son's friends.

cindy said...

oh...your window boxes are gorgeous! Oh how I envy your green thumb...my is the blackest of black. LOL. And yep, snatch those little rabbits! ;D

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