Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat?

I answer treat! I made these brownies two days ago and they were soooo good! I think it might be the fact that the are covered in milk chocolate frosting! I am still on my Halloween candy making tour! That accounts for the cute white chocolate owl.
I wish everyone could stop by for a brownie and a hot cup of coffee.
Have a safe Halloween!
I hope the treats far out way the tricks!
Thanks for visiting!


Kim's Treasures said...

OMG that owl is sooo CUTE! Do you have a mold for them?

Kim's Treasures said...

Thanks SOOO much for sharing where you found the owl mold!!! I will have to run out and find one if there are any left to be found!

cindy said...

Oh man.....I'll be right over! That looks so good...with a tall, glass of ice, cold milk please! :D

yapping cat