Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Running Low

I found these cute little journals in my craft cabinet the other day. I am not sure where I bought them, but it is time to paper them. The box where I keep all my "just in case" gifts is getting a little low. You never know when you might need something small to give someone. Or maybe your daughter may need something small to give someone.

They will fit perfectly in your pocketbook.

I bought these little birds do-dads last week. They are so cute!

I love this trim, but I am running low on it, too. Maybe, I will take a trip to Jo Ann's today and see if they have any more, I hope so. I better remember to take my 40% coupon with me.
(No trim at Jo Ann's, I left without buying a thing! A first for me, but I should use what I have at home.)

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steviewren said...

I bet everyone loves getting one of your fun little gifts.

Have fun at Jo Ann's. I need to stay away from the craft stores. I'm too weak when I go. I can't be trusted to do anything other than buy more stuff. The only way to protect my bank account is by staying away.

Kim's Treasures said...

I really should make up some "just in case" gifts....yours are sooo pretty!!! Enjoy Joann's!

Debbie said...

Very cute. I like to carry a cute notebook in my purse. I'm always needing to write a note to myself or make another list for something. One like that would work beautifully. Having a "just-in-case gift box is a great idea.