Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Water, A Beautiful Sight

This is a picture of Block Island, a small island off the coast of my home state Rhode Island. It is beautiful. However, water is not beautiful when it is in your basement. That is what we found in our basement today. It has been a very rainy month of March! We have been in this house for over 26 years, we have never had any water. Now, we are calling for a dumpster. Most of what was down in the basement has been lost. Talk about being forced into spring cleaning! Oh and I should mention that a tree uprooted in our yard and caused us and others to be without electricity for more than 12 hours last night and into the morning! That was fun! And not to mention we lost an hour, but with the day we are having maybe one less hour of it is not a bad thing. I always say, worse things can happen and they have. The water is being hosed out the front door and down the street. Let's just say crafting is on the back burner! That said, I hope the stove still works!

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Kim's Treasures said...

I'm soooo sorry!!! What a day you are having! Water in the basement is a HUGE fear of mine!

Thinking of you!

Carol said...

So sorry for your water problem, what a mess! I'll be thinking of you while you're cleaning up.

Smiles & Hugs,

Debbie said...

How awful! Wish I could come and help with the clean up. The upside is that you will have a clean basement - no more boxes waiting to go through. The crafting will wait. Sending smiles your way.

steviewren said...

Oh, so sorry! What a mess having to clean out the whole basement. I heard the storm was horrific up your way. I'm glad the tree didn't hit the house.

Jean said...

My heart goes out to you with your water problem. I too live in Rhode Island and know what water in the basement feels like. We did not have any this time. If I knew where you lived I would be over helping you. The damage around the state was devastating. I am going to miss seeing your beautiful crafts for awhile.


Debbie said...

DH and I experienced something similar at our old house aka the 'money pit'. When we were moving, there was tons of things we had to throw away. If I were there, I would help you. I know how fun it isn't!


Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

So sorry to hear about your water problems in the basement.