Monday, November 7, 2011

Serving Tray

 I made/refurbished  this serving tray  a few weeks ago, actually I made two.  I am thinking that I might give them away for Christmas presents.  I could fill the tray with napkins, plates and all sorts of things.

 I found a crate at a local antique store and painted it my new favorite color gray,  with a little white over it to distress it a bit.  I sewed a white piece of fabric to fit on the bottom.
 I also sewed a small piece of fabric to go over the top of that.  There is no real reason for it, I just liked the way it looks.
This is how the crate looked before I painted it.  All the brown spots are actually  bleach spots.  I cleaned the box  with bleach, then cleaned it with bleach and cleaned it again!  I bought the crate for $2.00 and had all the fabric leftover from other projects.   I like the way it went from trash to treasure.  Now, I just need to find a few more.  

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Miss Debbie said...

looks great and it will make a nice gift!

Carol said...

Great tray, Denise! I couldn't find you on Pinterest. You can follow me by clicking on my Pinterest link on my sidebar then I can follow you. I'm totally addicted to pinning!!


Carrie said...

I think these we would make great Christmas presents!!!!

Crickit said...

What a great idea and it looks great!