Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Preparations

I think I have mentioned before that I am not known for my cooking.  That is why I like to set a pretty table, or at least  I try to set a nice table.  I bought a new table cloth and it is going to be nice for Thanksgiving. It's a rainy day and I thought I would take out my Thanksgiving linens, see if I need anything. 
I have green place mats (also good for Christmas), white Martha Stewart dinner plates, rooster salad plates and napkins!  I am thinking about using mason jars for water glasses.  Mason jars are so popular!   
I went to a bridal shower a few weeks ago, they used brown paper as a table runner.  I love the idea.  It looks pretty and it would be great if you have kids at the table!  Give them a few crayons and let them start coloring! It could work for adults as well!
I decided to line the table with  fake fall leaves.  I hope I can find more, all the Christmas decorations are out already. I guess I could use real ones.  I should go outside and get them now, press them and be ready.  That won't happen, I know I will be outside Thanksgiving morning looking for leaves!  I also hope the pumpkins stay fresh until then as well.
 Well, I put everything away.  I think I have almost  everything I need. I am decided to go with the mason jars,  I will need to go and get a few of them this week.
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Carol said...

Pretty tablescape! What a wonderful idea to use brown paper!


Miss Debbie said...

Pretty and colorful!

Anonymous said...

Love your linens and dishes. We eat at a few restaurants that use the Mason jars - I think they are great.