Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Plants and painted pots!

 I bought these plants at Home Depot the other day.  They do not require a lot of water.  I can handle that!

I bought a few unpainted pots.  They will be staying inside so I did not prime them.  I am great at not priming before I paint!

I like how they  look.  I am very fond of everything gray and beige right now!  

However, I still like my flowers bright and cheerful!   

I have been buying my flowers at Trader Joe's .  They can last for a few weeks, if I remember to water them!  This bunch is going on ten days!  I better water them right now!

 Thanks for visiting!


Carol said...

This is a very pretty center piece! I really like the painted pots & sunny flowers! Enjoy your day!


Attic Clutter said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE (:) love them..
I've done that and it is another way to make it our own (:)its those little touches that show who we are...

Miss Debbie said...

Daisies are my favorite! I know that bight yellow must make you smile when you look at them!