Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cards are Everywhere

I have been bitten by the "stamp bug". I stamped quite a few dresses over the weekend and have been slowly putting these cards together. I put a a lot of my papers away so I tried to use the papers I had left on the counter. My buttons are always kept in the kitchen along with my flower punch. I found my jar of glitter and have been experimenting with it.

The card below looks a little crazy, but in real life it really looks nice. The yellow is really bold! I distressed all the edges, I like that look. It gives the card a vintage look.

I bought a purple ink pad last week, because it was only $1. 00. I did not think I would use it but here it is already being used and looking quite pretty!

This card is so plain. It is really more me than all the glittered ones. I have to remember it is not always about me! Usually it is, but not always!


Debbie said...

Looks like you have been having some fun trying out some new stuff. We grow when we try new things and ideas that usually don't represent our "style". That growing adds new elements to our lives. Keep having fun!

Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

Hi Denise, what fun you've had! The glitter on the dresses adds a glamorous touch. Would be fun to use as party invitations. I love your creativity thanks for sharing!

Shanda said...

I am always just so impressed everytime I see your work. You do GOOD. YOu are sooo creative and you really do go the extra mile. I wish you would do a mock up of Halloween invitations and give me some ideas. I have all the paper bought, I just need an idea on a layout. I hoped to make them 3 layers with a ribbon and a leaf brat holding the ribbon on. I put it together and it looks so boring. This is also my first attempt at making an invite. Too bad you are not my neighbor. I would be bugging you all the time.