Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Markers and Glitter

I have been doing a little more work with just my markers. I found out that I can draw flowers and snowwomen! That led to a small tree and bird. I am going to make these little drawings into cards. Getting a start on my Christmas presents. I love the little sparkle in the middle of the flower.

This flower is actually more purple than blue.

I am thinking about making a few of these for my own Christmas cards and tags. At the rate I work they will probably be done for 2009.


Katherinellen said...

You are so talented...that's is sooo cute! I want to express my thanks for your prayers during the storm Gustav..we are fine...just lots of rain. It's was notheing compare to Katrina...like they had predicted....We were blessed. You have a wonderful week... ~Katherinellen~

Lavinia said...

Getting started on....Christmas? Wow,you take 'being prepared' to new heights...Terrific to have it all so together...

These are lovely. Nice bright colours.

cindy said...

LOL! Denise...you are too cute! Love your little drawings - very whimsical indeed!


steviewren said...

Denise, I envy your ability to jump up and do something creative everyday. And getting a start on Christmas...I'm still working on projects from last year...You go girl!

Julie said...

Oh, Denise!
These are just the cutest things!
Have you thought of selling them?
To a local boutique or on Etsy?!?!