Saturday, February 6, 2010

My new favorite

Last night I made a batch of oatmeal cookies for a friend's birthday. If you asked me on Wednesday what my favorite cookie was, I would of said "Thumbprints". But that was then, this is now. I dipped 1/2 of the cookie in white chocolate. It brought this little cookie to a whole different level. I will admit, the entire batch did not make it to this plate. I kept a few for us.

Yes, these deserve a close up, they are that good. I am happy to say that one of the things I wanted to more of this year was bake. I made blueberry scones and brownies on Wednesday, it is nice to accomplish at least one thing on my list.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Enjoy the Superbowl!
See you on Monday, hopefully with a new paper craft!

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Carol said...

I was just thinking about baking oatmeal cookies before I read your blog! White chocolate looks yummy!


Kim's Treasures said...

What a lucky friend you have!!! Those cookies look delicious!!!!

steviewren said...

Dipping the cookies in the chocolate makes them so pretty. They would look wonderful on any party table.