Sunday, June 27, 2010

Almost finished!

The finish line is insight, I can almost see it. By the end of next week, if the weather cooperates our house will be a beautiful shade of yellow! Or as I have found out a not so pretty shade when the sun is setting. The yellow can take on a bit of an orange hue at that time! Yikes, reminder to myself do not go out at sunset! And the color black for the door, it was a mistake with this shade of yellow. No disrespect to all you Pittsburgh Steeler fans out there, but there is no way this Patriot fan is going to have a yellow and black house. Even though I was informed that Steeler colors are more gold and black either way, no black door!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Niecy N.H. R.I & Nevada people are enjoying your blog. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Love to all Betty,


I think it will be wonderful
....LOVE it Denise(:)Your siding is cool too- love the thin horizontal planks(:)


cindy said...

Love the yellow. So sweet and what color will the door be then? ; )

yapping cat