Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am on a little creative roll. I am not sure if it is the warm weather and sunshine or the fact that my allergies are not bothering me anymore. It might be a combination of the two, but for whatever reason I am feeling good and painting pots with polka dots. These pots are for two little friends of mine. I love their names Ella and Chloe.

I often wish that I had spell check in my brain. I love it when I am done with my post and I click spell check and magically all my misspelled words are corrected. I always feel happy when it tells me there were no misspellings found! But I had these two signs on my counter for over a week and my daughter said to me one day, "You know you spelled Chloe wrong?" I hadn't noticed and I thanked her for that. I would of been a little embarrassed if I brought them over with a simple name like Chloe misspelled. I wish I was a better speller! Okay, time to hit spell check! Only two mistakes and I blame that on the L key being a bit sticky on my computer! At least that is what I am thinking!

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Tomer said...

> I often wish that I had spell
> check in my brain.

Ha:) A the subject of spell check. There is a good spell check program called Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com) that adds spell checking to all programs, including blog. While not in your brain, in your computer and at your finger tips.

Kim's Treasures said...

Cute pots...your friends are going to love them. I send way too many text messages with mistakes!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

I really really like spell check too. I love your creative ideas, very pretty.
Thanks for sharing.

steviewren said...

My daughter relies heavily on spell check as well....and she's a teacher. Some people just have a hard time with it. I'm sure the girls will love their flower pots.

cindy said...

LOVE the polka flower pots...tooooo cute! And I can't spell to save my life! LOL.