Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Baskets

I have wanted to make a few of these paper mache egg baskets for years! Well, I finally got around to it last Wednesday.

It is a pretty easy craft project. A little watered down Tacky glue, cut up newspaper pieces, balloons, paint (not in photo) and a lot of time waiting for the paper to dry! I used a heat tool used for embossing, that really helped to cut down on the drying time. I popped a few balloons in the process, but I finally figured it all out without losing too many! I am not sure why I painted the first one green? But it turned out okay. I added a paper handle and a few paper roses. Oh, what would an Easter basket be without green grass? A little glitter never hurt either. I ended up making only three and I already gave two away. There are a few days left until Easter Sunday so maybe I can make a few more. Thanks for visiting!



Denise that is just the cutest basket ~!!!!
I might try one
love the roses too
..what kinda paper did you use was it already red or did you paint it....soooooo cute~!!

Miss Debbie said...

"Egg"-cellent idea...really looks like an egg! :-)

Kim's Treasures said...

Your baskets are beautiful, Denise!!! I love the green!