Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do you have Royal Wedding Fever?

I have been known to see what The Royals are up to from time to time. I loved Princess Diana, who didn't? I got up early to watch her wedding to Prince Charles. Last night I started watching BBC America, they had non stop television shows on The Royals. Thanks to BBC America I am sure I know enough about The Windsors and Kate Middleton. I am going to watch the wedding on Friday, I am going to DVR it just in case I oversleep. Who doesn't love DVR? I may have a cup up tea and a scone for breakfast! No, I need my coffee, so coffee and a scone. Are you planning to watch any of the wedding?

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Carol said...

Yes, I will be watching the wedding live! Can't wait to see Kate's dress! I watched Charles & Diana's wedding live 30 years ago while I was feeding my newborn son, a sweet memory.