Friday, July 22, 2011

I love my table

This is where my  beautiful outdoor table got it's start. In my parents backyard. Some day maybe I will take a few pictures of what my father has created in their backyard.  Look at the fence and you can see he likes old rusty things! I asked my father in June if he would mind building me a table on wheels. I gave him a drawing, we settled on the dimensions and he said as soon as he was finished with an outdoor project, my table was next on the list. How could this be happening to me? Couldn't I leap over the other project? But, I waited patiently (who am I kidding, I wanted my table).It was well worth the wait!  It looks perfect on our deck.
  He cut a few pieces of metal for the side, then he spray painted them flat black. He spray paints everything! I asked him if he had something we could put on the side, for a handle. When I said we, I meant him! He went in the basement and within ten minutes he has this handle. It was pretty rusty, I like the way it looked. He put a clear coat on it, perfect.
I did not want the edges to be perfect, he made that happen as well.
The wheels were silver, but I wanted them to look old so I spray painted them with a metal paint that makes  the wheels look old and well, rusty!

The table might be too nice for outside, but here it will stay until the leaves start to change. 

 The heat has arrived in Rhode Island. 

 Thanks for visiting!


Carol said...

If I lived near you I would pay your dad to make one of these tables for me.


Crickit said...

Love this table! It looks great on your deck!

Kim's Treasures said...

I meant to tell you a couple posts ago that I love your table! I bought a table on wheels for the townhouse. I cannot wait for it to be built so I can start decorating!!!

I am watching a super black sky roll in with a storm. It's dark as night out there!

Have a great weekend!!!