Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Rhode Island Treasure

  Earlier in the month, I entered a contest on a local television station's website for 4 tickets to see a musical at "The Theatre by the Sea" located  a few feet from the Atlantic Ocean.  I hardly ever enter a contest, but low and behold I won!   Back to the theatre, doesn't it look like it belongs in a beach town?  It is so low key and quaint!  Quaint, that is the word to describe it!  There are other words I will use to describe the way it felt in the theatre! 
 The grounds are really nice.  This brick walkway leads to the  bistro that we ate at before the show.  We all loved the restaurant as well.  The atmosphere was casual and the food was really good. 
I would go back to the restaurant even if I wasn't going to see a show. 
They serve drinks here before the show and believe me we all  needed a few bottles of water.  I know I was lucky to win the tickets, they were worth $160.00.  I felt good all day.  I had  what I would call a "good karma day", I did a few good deeds.  But it was 104 degrees that day!  The quaint little theatre had two ceiling fans!  Two ceiling fans, all they  did was move the hot air around.  I know I was thinking half way throw the show I was going to have to leave, get some air.  But I made it to intermission and cooled down with another bottle of water.  When we returned to our seats the theatre was cooler.  The theatre was back to being quaint!  You could even hear  the sound of a fog horn in the distance, so beachy! I was going to say quaint, but I used that word enough! 
What did we see?  We saw Hairspray.  I had never seen the original or the remake of the movie. It was a great production, put on by "The Ocean State Theatre Company". It was also my friend's birthday.  That is why I entered the contest, hoping we could have a nice birthday/Friday night.  Even with the heat we had a great time.  I want to go back next season.

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Anonymous said...

pretty little place! nice pics mama.


Kim's Treasures said...

I'm so glad you had fun! Looks like a great place!