Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cake pops! Somebody stop me!

 I have a new baking addiction!  It is making cake pops!  This is a small sample of a batch  I made to bring to a birthday party I am going to tomorrow.   I am in the middle of making a tutorial on how I make them.    However, I am having a little trouble with it, since it will be a long post. 
The center is chocolate cake!  This is my fifth batch since July 4th.  I know it won't be my last!
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Kim's Treasures said...

Oh yummy!!! I want some! Lol!!! They look really fun and I am sure really easy to eat (a lot of)!!!

Enjoy the party!

Carol said...

They look delicious! My grandson would love these! : )


Miss Debbie said...

Can't wait for the tutorial!

steviewren said...

You need to be here to help with the bridal shower I'm hosting in a couple of weeks. I'm not an impressive dessert maker. I've asked my daughter-in-law to make her super yummy delicious Italian creme cupcakes. I'm so happy there is someone in the family with baking skills.

Love your beverage cart redo. That patterned tablecloth adds character to the overall look.

Like you, I recently went to a small production at a local community theater. My best friend's daughter, SIL and granddaughter all had parts in "Music Man." It was great fun and everyone did a wonderful job. The theater only seats about 50 people so every seat was a good one. Luckily because we live in Alabama EVERY building has air-conditioning. OMGosh, it has been a horribly hot year hasn't it! I'll be so happy for autumn to arrive.

I've morphed into a terrible blogger since I started my new job back in January. I don't know why...I just never seem to have much to say. I'm glad you are back online though!

Anonymous said...

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