Monday, August 1, 2011

Covered Match Boxes

Saturday I felt like doing something a little creative.   I found four empty match boxes that I had been keeping to cover with paper.  I am not sure what I am going to put in them.  They would be nice to keep paper clips in on a desk.  Or maybe keep a ring in on your night table.  Or a few hair elastics in your pocketbook.  I guess you get the idea, they can hold all sort of small things!

  Four empty match boxes!

 I covered them with a light tan paper.
A few circles cut with a decorative edge scissor that hopefully resemble a flower! 
    Now, what am I going to put in this little box?
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Kim's Treasures said...

Hey your blog looks different! Simple and nice!

Love the matchboxes! I really cannot wait to get my things out of storage! It's so hard! It's hard to be without it and hard to keep it here. Sigh!

Tonight is yoga night! Even hubs is going with me now. I really like it!

Have a great day!!

Miss Debbie said...

You have such patience...working with small things. I'm too clumsy. I make a mess and get frustrated! They are really cute!