Monday, October 24, 2011

A few of my fall favorites!

 I love pumpkin pie!  I love pumpkin pie!  I love pumpkin pie!
 I love boots! 

 I haven't made a scarecrow in years, but if I did I would try to recreate these!

 I love pocketbooks.  I already bought my new bag at TJ Maxx.  

 Big bulky sweaters, I could wear this all day long.   With the price of fuel oil my new motto is "layer up".  I think this could keep me warm!
I received a faux fur blanket from Pier One three years ago.  I use it every night.  It is one of the best presents ever.  It keeps me so toasty warm! 

What would fall in New England be without a little foliage?   This is my front yard.  The leaves have turned a beautiful golden yellow.
 Nutter butter ghosts have become a favorite fall treat.  I made these last year, I think I have a few days to make a batch or two before Halloween.
 I love making  fall cards!  I should get started on them.  Where has October gone?  I better start thinking about some ideas.
 I like to make fall treats!  I also like to put them in cute packages.  I do have a few started, now I have to find them.  I put them away while I was cleaning last week and now I can not find them.  Note to self, stop cleaning!

Okay, I had to post a picture of my favorite Patriot, Tom Brady.  Sunday afternoons in the fall are made for watching football! 
These are a few of my favorite fall things.  What do you love about fall?

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Miss Debbie said...

Leaves turning, crisp air,pots of homemade soup, a fire in the wood burning stove, and sweaters!

steviewren said...

I love the fact that the weather finally gets cooler and that makes it a pleasure to be outside...unlike the summer.

Pumpkin pie is one of my favorites too. I've been thinking about baking one. I use honey and molasses for the sweetener rather than sugar and I eat it for breakfast...yummy!

Melissa Miller said...

Great photos. The sweater is adorable. :)