Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paper Crafting, Again!

  Here is a news flash for you, I really like making paper crafts.  I also like giving them away. This is part of  birthday gift I made for my friend Alicia.  I covered a recipe box that I bought at Michael's and the little card holds a gift card to TJ Maxx.
 I filled the box with cards.  I hope she likes them. 
 I love this  cake stamp, it is one of my favorites.

 I really like this bird.  They all look so happy!  I have to make more of these cards.

The birthday girl likes owls. I covered a notebook with my favorite owl sitting on a  tree branch.

Thanks for visiting! 


Carol said...

What a nice gift! Wish my name was Alicia! : )


steviewren said...

I love the recipe box and your new way of making flowers.