Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Return of the Clippies!

I have an order for some clippies, or cute paper items glued to clothespins. I am trying to give them an autumn look . There are pumpkins, apples and a few birds. The owls are turning into quite a favorite in my house so of course there had to be a few owls!
Making the little cards is always fun! My markers were easy to find !

The for mentioned owl, in what I consider fall colors. He isn't scary is he? I want him to be cute!

This owl is made with my second favorite paper. I love polka dots! See the apple peeking out on the bottom?


Kim's Treasures said...


cindy said...

These are so fun! I'm endlessly fascinated with the paper clip thing. So much to play with there. I did some new ones with flowers on the ends...will see how they sell! LOL. These are so cute. The owls are growing on me (in general). I'm seeing them everywhere more and more. Started seeing them at market...bout a year ago I guess? Yours are waaaay cute!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I love daisy D paper! I am a sucker for polka dots. Girl this is the second time I said it...but you need an Etsy store....those are stinkin cute. cherry

Katherinellen said...

Cute little owl.....I love polka dotted too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment....Glad you like my handbag of flowers...You have a wonderful weekends...Kathy

Lavinia said...

I love clippies, they are so useful. These are adorable!

Chery said...

You've done it again!! Too cute!! I love your little clippies!! Do you have a crafting room?? You must have a project going all of the time!! chery:)