Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cut it Out

I am trying not to use my new fantastic image cutting machine, "The Cricut". Why? Because, I would feed pretty paper into it all day. I have my cut off day of December 14 to finish all Christmas projects. But, I had to make this card when I saw the little polar bear cut out! It is for a cute little 3 year old boy. The tree is a cut out! I also cut out his name! You see where this is going, I had to put it away. I would never finish anything else.
A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a little house I covered with paper. I have seen where a lot of people glue them to paper boxes. I put one together, my Mom really liked it and asked if I would make her one to give to a friend. I gave her the original. I love using clear plastic for gift wrapping. It just makes everything look so good! A pretty red bow and a card and it is ready to go!

Needless to say, the tree was cut from "The Cricut" and believe it or not, so was the tag! I may have to extend my cut off date. I love, "The Cricut".


Shellmo said...

These are all wonderful items for Christmas!! Love how that house looks on that box!

Anonymous said...

I love the card for Nate, it is so cute.Seeing every thing you have been doing you know I am going to ask santa for one.Have a good day....Lorraine

Lorilee said...

Everything is beautiful. That Cricut looks awesome!

cindy said...

Love the way it is wrapper! Cuteness enhanced! :D