Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What was I Thinking!

Last night I decided to take a look at all the little crafty things I bought over the past few weeks. This is just a sampling. To say the least, I was surprised at how much there is. I have set a deadline of December 14 for all crafts to be finished! I want to put up two trees this year, at least that is my intention. I want to make as many ornaments as possible. So as I write this I will have 11 days to be creative.

Right now I have household things to do. Then it is off to get food for supper, laundry, dishes, iron a few clothes, make the supper, more dishes, fold the laundry!!!! The glamorous life!


Shellmo said...

I see so many good things there! Your ornaments are going to be great!

liz said...

i love the owl stamp!!

Lorilee said...

Oh my, then I am not the only one that over plans myself!! I still haven't gotten my decorations up. I need to sew about 35 mini stockings and put names on them with fabric paint. I need to make about 10 mini aprons for Cookie Exchange favors. I also need to make 2 regular aprons for the prizes. I need to decide on the theme, take the family photo and design the family Christmas card AND get it mailed out. Oh, yeah, I also need to get the Cookie Exchange invites printed and mailed. At least it is already designed and in the computer!

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Looks like you better get busy my friend!!! I know the feeling - my heart starts beating fast when I think of all the things I've yet to do!!! And I still haven't bought the first present. Jus' making sure you got your pennies! I loved my cards! Merry Christmas! Cathy

cindy said...

Looks like you have a lot to get working on there kiddo. I know the feeling, I have tons to do myself!