Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A few Ornments

One tree is up, the other is somewhere in town waiting patiently to be bought. Hopefully, we will get it today. I just checked the weather and snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. It will have to be today! Let me just say it was 62 yesterday, right now as I sit and blog, it is 33. I even heard a little sleet this morning. I know there are others covered with snow and there was an ice storm not far from us. But really, 62 to 33 in less than 24 hours! I made this ornament last year. It is a picture of my two brothers and me many years ago. The little Harry Potter ornament was just something I made over the summer. I did not intend for it to be an ornament. But Harry is big in our house, he looks rather good on the tree.

The Grinch hangs proudly on the tree. I like this ornament. It really isn't one I would go out and buy. Maybe that is why I like it so much. It is unexpected.

I made a few of these the other night. I painted 12 wooden heads with all the confidence that 12 would be made. I completed 4. Well, if I find any time during the next week, maybe I will finish them. If I do, I will post them later! Who am I kidding, most likely it will be next year!

I am off to buy bread and milk as any crazy New Englander will do when it might snow. Not really, if I would buy anything to make it through a snow storm it would be Diet Coke and chips! Actually, I am just going to get a little more shopping done. All I hear is the clock ticking and the temperature falling!!!!


Daphine said...

Great looking ornaments! I enjoyed looking at them! Talk about the temperature dropping quickly in 24 hours....we were in the 70s on Sunday. Monday the high was 32. That's pretty dramatic, huh? Today we had icy roads! Go figure! Tomorrow, it's suppose to climb to 63. Whatever! lol!

cindy said...

Yep...been pretty "Brrrrr" here as well. Cute ornies. Hey come by my blog, I have something for ya.


Anonymous said...

I love all our ornaments... Harry, the grinch, the angels, etc.

But where oh where are our wizard of oz ones?? :)