Thursday, May 28, 2009

I find the sight of a naked paper mache box a crime! If I buy one, it is with the intent to cover it with paper. The next objective will be to fill it with paper. Not ordinary white paper but paper crafts!

This box will soon find a home at my daughter's apartment. My daughter and her roommate lead very busy lives. My daughter has a 45 minute commute to work, her roommate works and goes to college. I hope to make there life a bit easier. Don't get carried away and think that I am going to help with the cleaning. I hate to clean! But I like a clean house, so I clean.
I will fill this box with cards, stamps and a pen. When they need a card all they have to do is find the box and pick a card, any card! I supply the pen and the stamp they will have to find a mailbox.

They both love owls, so I see owl cards in their future, many owl cards.
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Carrie said...

very very cute!

cindy said...

That's a good idea for anyone. Around here, you can never locate anything to write on, and if you do, well, good luck with finding a pen. Clever idea and of course I always love your whimsical style and the colors you use.

yapping cat

Betty said...

Beautiful project- love animals. Most of my photos are nature & animals.