Friday, May 22, 2009

Let the weekend Begin !

I haven't blogged or visited any of my favorite sites this week, shame on me. The weather has been slowly improving and I have spent a lot of time painting pots, planting and watering! But I really enjoy doing this, I am not complaining. I planted basil in this barrel for the past two years, it does really well. I thought I would add a little color to it this year. I hope the basil does not take over, we will see. I love fresh basil!

Last week I found this red table at my favorite thrift store. It would not fit in the car, too may passengers that day. My father went back to get it for me and the owner gave it to him for free. I would say it was a good deal. I painted a few purple flowers on it, nothing big believe me.

I love the contrast of the red and blue.
Thanks for visiting!



OH cute ~!! I love the whole thing..the colors the shapes and the basil~ I love to grow it too.. am not getting it this year as I'm not able to plant(broken ankle) (:O)
but glad you can dear friend..

Kris..oh yes he is a wonderful doll too..I just felt Adam had a better voice ..but they all were good this year ~!! Its always fun to see where they go with their talent after the show ends~
Have a fun weekend ~
love your blog look ~!!
hugs, Patty

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Your color schemes are oh so beautiful...