Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Countdown

Not a lot of words needed here, this little sign says it all.
I want to be done shopping by Saturday.
Then I will concentrate on baking and oh, the joy of cleaning!
Thanks for visiting!


steviewren said...

I want to get finished with my shopping too! I went to Toys R Us yesterday on my lunch hour. It was bedlam! Today I'm going to Barnes and Nobles. I try to get as much shopping done on my lunch hour as possible. It is a good thing that I work near a major shopping mall.

Good luck on getting all or your plans completed.

Julie said...

Hope that you're able to accomplish all that you plan!
I *think* I'm done with shopping. I want to make the time to bake more, though. I've made one batch of sugar cookies, but I didn't decorate them and, for me, it just didn't count. Isn't that silly? So I'm with you on that baking thing COMPLETELY!!!
9 days? Really? YIKES!

Merry Christmas,

Carrie said...

I know it freaking me out a bit!


Anonymous said...

Hi Denise:
You make the nicest things. I love visiting your blog