Sunday, December 27, 2009

Putting baked goods on the back burner

I had a lot of will power right up until Christmas Day. I was able to bake batches of cookies, breads and dip almost anything in chocolate without over indulging. I am not sure where my will power went, but it hasn't come back. I had to sample the brownie pie, the blueberry pie, the chocolate peanut butter balls, the grape nut ice cream ( I could do a blog just about that!), the chocolate birthday cake (my sister-in-law is a Christmas baby), the cherry winks and finally the egg biscuits! I did not eat all this in one day, mind you. Tomorrow, my will power better be back! I have to get back on the good eating wagon! How boring is that!
The picture is lemon poppy scones with white chocolate drizzled on top. Add them to the list, they were delicious!
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