Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Have you seen my creative side?

It seems that I am going through a creative dry spell. I am not sure why? There is so much inspiration out there! I have all the craft and sewing supplies needed to make almost anything I want. I could make a few cards, bookmarks or a few new journals. I like making those cute market bags. But no, I'm not feeling it. Hopefully, by next week I will have found my creativity, I know it is there! I just have to put the paper on the counter and plug in the glue gun. I could use a new one, my old one is embarrassing. On second thought, it has been good to me, so I am going to keep it.
I am off to do some errands. The weather is still rather cool here. I am behind on my spring flowers. Usually by now I have a few pots filled with pretty pansies. If I don't buy them soon they will be gone. If I buy them now, they may not last in the cool nights! I think I am going to buy a few. The back deck could use a little pick me up.
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Carrie said...

I go through the same thing sometimes it will come back!


steviewren said...

I bought some flowers Sunday, but came home without a bag of dirt. So I haven't planted anything yet. I've got to get it done.

I'm afraid pansy season will draw to a close here before long. They don't last once the days heat up.

Debbie said...

This happens to me too. Usually when I'm stressing about something. It will come back. Be patience, don't stress, enjoy the creative things you see around you and suddenly an idea will pop into you happens.