Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am working on a small project!

I have to say it feels good to type that!
I hope that the month of May will be a very creative month. Whether it be paper crafting, sewing, planting or just sprucing up the yard, I need to be creative. The past few weeks have been boring! What have I done with my days? I have to get back on track with my resolutions for the year 2010. So far, I have neglected being creative. On the other hand I have cleaned the basement. Though a major flood was the reason for the cleaning, did not see that coming in January when I wrote that on my things to do this year.
I am off to buy more pansies. I bought a few packs a couple of weeks ago and they have made it through a few cold nights. The next few days are going to be more spring like. I need to get out and buy my plants, before everyone else gets spring fever! That does not sounds very nice, but I want my plants! I need to look out the window and see pretty white and purple pansies!

Thanks for visiting!


Carrie said...

I can't wait to see what you are doing! I want to buy plants too maybe this weekend!


Carol said...

Enjoy your weekend of planting!!

Carol ;-)

Julie said...

Somebody must be having a really precious party coming up!!! I can't wait to see....

That strawberry cake your mom made... OhMygoodness!!!! I'm drooling, here, and that's just mean!

Your Easter crafts are too cute. I'm thinking of the future and grandbabies and all the cute little Easter goodies...

Did you get your new jeans? That's all I wear, too - jeans and t-shirts! You can do anything in them and go almost anywhere! Love jeans!!!!!

I'd better go, we're expecting big storms... Yikes!