Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wishing you all a happy Easter

Before the storm, I made a few of these cute little chicks for Easter. I found the idea on she has a wonderful blog full of cute and colorful creations! I planned to give instructions on how to make them, but that will have to wait. I do not have much time today to post all the pictures. The chicks are styrofoam balls cut in half, painted yellow and topped with white glitter. I made this little chick for my Mom to give to a great grand niece with a little something extra tucked into the boxes.

One of these I gave to a friend who was a little overwhelmed with the amount of water in her basement.

These cute little chicks will be the center piece for dinner on Sunday.
I am happy to say the basement is dry! The sun is shinning and I may even wear sandals on Easter. I can finally say that spring is in the air!
I hope that I find my creativity somewhere, I am not sure where it is. I have not touched my glue gun in almost two weeks.
Happy Easter
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Carol said...

Cute chicks! Hope you're enjoying sunshine this weekend.

Happy Easter!

Carrie said...

those are the cutest little things ever!!!

Happy Easter


Debbie said...

The chicks turned out cute Denise! What type of paint did you use for the styrofoam? I am sure these will be a hit. You always come up with the cutest projects.

I hope you and your family have a very Blessed Easter,

steviewren said...

The chick centerpiece is precious. Don't forget to post the directions. my grands would like to make these cuties.

I'm so glad to hear that things are beginning to return to normal for you.

Melissa Miller said...

Easter blessings to you and yours!

Linda said...

I just stumbled on to your blog..and had a great time looking around.
Your little chicks are so cute! They should bring a little sunshine to any table.
I live out here in the desert but did see all the flooding you guys had out there on the News. I looked at your last post with the pictures of the flooding and it looks devastating. Glad to see it is drying up! Thanks for sharing!