Thursday, October 28, 2010

The darkside of fall

The not so colorful view of fall.
Gone are the pretty floral cushions, the multi colored toss pillows and the red and white flower pots. Gone is the bright morning sunshine. I will not be having my first cup of coffee out here for a while. No more reading at night until I hear a noise in the woods. Give it a few months and this deck will be covered in snow! You do not want to know the adjectives I could use to describe snow.

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Kim's Treasures said...

Isn't sad??? My patios look so bare! Winter and that 4-letter word (snow) are on their way :( I had to pull out the wool coat and scarf tonight to walk the dog tonight.

P.S. I have to wear sunglasses inside with migraines, too. I need to check into the brand of sunglasses you use. I get so frustrated when they crack in half for no reason at all!

Have a great night and Friday!!!

Miss Debbie said...

The view is still pretty... see those colored leaves through the trees. Winter is bare, but it sure makes us appreciate SPRING!!