Friday, October 29, 2010

Treats Treats Treats

I had fun papering the boxes and making the chocolate treats to go inside them. I really do like making all these treats. But, we have had enough of them, it is time to share! I guess, you can have too much chocolate! I mailed these to my where my daughter works.

Before it was covered with orange paper, this was a popcorn box. I was in a hurry to cover this, I thought two large stars would be okay. I hot glued a few fake leaves to the back. Chocolate covered pretzels are inside!

This was an oatmeal box, it is my favorite shape to cover. Inside they will find white chocolate bark made with candy corns, milk chocolate chips and Oreos.

Last but not least another popcorn box. My daughter likes owls. She is the reason I started making all my owl related creations. You can see white chocolate covered Nutter Butter ghosts peeking out of the top.

She called to let me know the box arrived and the treats were well received! I am done making chocolate treats for a while, otherwise they won't really be treats!

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steviewren said...

I'll bet your daughter's work companions were thrilled to get such cute boxes of treats. I also wonder if they are fighting about who gets to take the containers home when the treats are gone. : )

Adrienne said...

the oatmeal box is my favorite too! i know what you mean about chocolate... especially this time of year. the nutter butter ghosts are really cute!

Miss Debbie said...

How very thoughtful of you! Surprises are so much fun!

Kim's Treasures said...

Way too cute!!!!! Your daughter's co-workers will be thrilled!!! I love them all, especially the owl!

I just finished a round container of cornmeal and cannot wait to cover it!!! :)

Have a wonderful Friday!


P.S. Looks like you're the creative and busy one now...I've slowed down. Funny how creativity works like that!

Crickit said...

What a fun treat for your daughter and her co-workers. I bet they always look forward to your gifts! :)

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Hey Denise - I remembered your "nutter butter" ghosts from last year - so I did them again. I love them - easy and yummy! Thanks for sharing - I'd like to get one of your treat bags anytime - so cute!