Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall from the inside

Yesterday I shared with you what I see outside my house. How about a little bit of what fall looks like inside my house. I love the base of this lamp. I have had the rooster for years. It just seems to move from room to room.

These four bird votive holders sit neatly on my kitchen windowsill. The leaves underneath them are from my yard. When they get too dry I just go outside a pick a few more off the ground. The leaves, not the birds.
A garden glove I received as a Christmas gift a few years ago. It is full of this and that and then some. It works in the kitchen and I still love it.
My soap dispenser on kitchen counter. It sits on a small cake stand and a blue saucer.
Fresh out of the oven corn bread! I found a corn bread stuffing recipe I would like to make for Thanksgiving.
The back of my dinning room chairs. I love the nail heads. I love the fabric. I love the chairs! I had to go to three different stores to get four matching chairs. I better love them, they will be here for a very long time!
A carving my great grandfather did on a chest of drawers that is in the kitchen. I love it against the mustard color wall. I am thinking of painting the wall a deep rust.
The glow of candle. I just have to remember to blow them out before I am all cozy in bed. That happened last night. Note to self, blow candles out at 9PM, very important!
New curtain panels and blinds. I love the texture of the blinds.
This picture is in the kitchen. The warm gold tones and rich shades of blue are beautiful. I love this house.

An orange pitcher with a fake sunflower. This is not all that special. But it adds a little something to a corner cabinet.

A curtain panel from dinning room/living room. I can not believe I actually found curtains with all the colors I needed. I usually don't like long panels 84", but I love these! They were worth the wait.

Three Dollar Store birds that my father bought. I really liked them and now I have them! Thanks Dad.

A silver and gold platter that is in the center of the dinning room table. I am not usually a fan of bright and shiny things ,but I love this platter.

This is some of what I see everyday. I am always moving things around. But for now I am happy with what I see and where it is.

Thanks for visiting!


Kim's Treasures said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Love the glove, birds and soap dispenser...oh, and everything else! Looks very cozy at your place!

steviewren said...

I enjoyed both fall tours, the one outside and the one inside. I haven't changed much inside my house for the season, but I did buy some festive pumpkins to brighten the kitchen up.

Anonymous said...

Lots of pretty pictures. Corn scone/muffins were yummmy.


Miss Debbie said...

Love the little dollar store birds....adorable!

Debbie said...

Thank you for the tour. Your home is so cozy. I love the carving your grandfather did. How special! I like the soap presentation. fun idea. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

cindy said...

You are in my color zone gurl! Love your kitchen chairs, and that artwork. Everything is just gorgeous!


Crickit said...

Thanks for the lovely tour of the inside of your home. What beautiful tones and colors... very festive and full of the colors of fall! Thanks for sharing!