Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I did not plan to make cards today

I did not plan to make any cards today, but after I visited a few blogs I was inspired to take a few minutes and get out a few supplies and make some cards.

No matter how many times I make these flowers I love how the way they look. It is the decorative edge that really makes the flower too cute.

This is the little piece of art work that made me be creative this afternoon. I found it at "Kim's Treasures". I love the colors! I love red and blue together! I made my cards more fallish looking. Is fallish a word? I guess spell check will let me know soon enough! But the next batch will be brighter! I did not have any cute red paper. It is probably buried deep in my craft closet. It was nice to get my glue gun out and make something. Now, it is supper time and the fun has to stop for a little bit. I hate when that happens. By the way fallish, is not a word according to spell check!

Thanks for visiting!


Kim's Treasures said...

I'm so glad that I brought you inspiration today! I love that plaque! Your card is perfect!

I do plan to make some boxes for Christmas. I am saving my boxes up! I am so glad to be back in a crafty mood! I am loving the yo-yos, always have! If you start making them...I wanna see them! I would love to make a quilt using them but am so afraid of getting bored making all of them!

Hope you have a great night!

Miss Debbie said...

I believe your inspiration comes from within! I am amazed at all the ideas you have...... it has to be DIVINE inspiration!


Cute Cute cards(:)


thanks so much on my little pumpkin boy too (:)Denise~

Crickit said...

I love your cards and plaque! For not planning it out... it sure looks great!!

Miss Debbie said...

Hope you are okay... have missed you. If the book is that good, you'll have to write a review!! :-)