Friday, November 6, 2009

I say Vineyard Blue

Since winter is slowly creeping into my little corner of the world, I have decided to change a few things in this little area of our home. I painted the table a pretty shade of blue green. The actual name is Everglade Deck, not very inspiring. I am thinking it is more Vineyard Blue! I was thinking about repainting the walls, but the blue has given the yellow paint at least a few more months. It is funny how just a new fresh color can bring life to something that is just a little tired.

I recovered this chair cushion in a green fabric that goes so well with the table. This cushion has been recovered so many times! I just can not part with this chair I bought at Pier One over 17 years ago. Someday it will go, but for now it is here to stay. Oh yes, that is a burlap pillow with an owl on it. I made it Thursday. I am almost out of burlap.

The base of this lamp is an ice cream maker. My father made the lamp for me. I added the ivy and the lampshade.

I really like the color of this fabric, I am going to bring a bit more blue into the dinning room and kitchen area. Should be pretty. I have way too much red and gold tones right now. I need to change things up a bit. Better hurry, before the Christmas countdown starts and everything gets put on the back burner until the first of the year.
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Lorilee said...

I really like that fabric too! The table looks great that color. I love the way a coat of paint can make such a quick change!

steviewren said...

I've been finding myself wanting to add more blues into my house this past year as well. Blue was always my favorite color until about 10 years ago when red took over. Vibrant colors are my favorite. They make me happy.

Have fun decorating!

cindy said...

I love a little "freshin up". It looks fantastic. You've inspired me to do some much needed around here! :D

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