Saturday, November 28, 2009

Snowmen Coffee Cans

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. I hope that everyone had a great day with family and friends.
I can hear the clock ticking. The dishes from Thanksgiving dinner were just put away and our thoughts turn to Christmas.
I made a few of these cans last week. Please forgive the picture quality, we have had a lot of dark days here in the north east. They are tin coffee cans that I spray painted red and green. I love spray paint!

I made a little handle out of wire. Then added some very colorful strips of cotton fabric to it.

I love painting snowmen. They do not have to be perfect, that's my kind of painting!
As always, there has to be buttons!

A little tag is added and these are ready to be filled with, well something!
I am thinking maybe some cranberry pistachio bark.
Maybe real candy canes, I love candy canes.
Maybe chocolate covered pretzels, I love pretzels covered in chocolate.
Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Love the cans, so colorful. Great for gift bags too.

Debbie said...

I love the idea of the decorated coffee cans. I bet one could even use regular sized cans for a smaller version. I need to save mine and try it.

Take Care,

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

What a neat idea!

Kim's Treasures said...

Your snowman cans are so cute! I would love receiving one stuffed with all the things you mentioned! I sure hope to feel better soon so I can earnestly get going on my crafty projects! (Yep STILL sick and very weak.)

Have a blast crafting! Maybe a craft a day will keep the cold bugs away!

Julie said...

They're just precious, as usual!
I love spray paint, too! Sometimes, when I'm buying a bunch, the cashier will look at me and I joke that I'm off to create another graffiti masterpiece.

If hubby sees these that you made, he'll want one (he loves snowmen), and he'll request chocolate covered pretzels inside!!!

When you make cranberry pistachio bark, do you use dried cranberries or fresh? I suppose I could google it.... or.... you could post the recipe and a picture!!!
No pressure... I'll just be waiting....

Merry Christmas,

steviewren said...

Mmmm, cranberry pistachio bark. How do you make that? I'm a sucker for anything with nuts in it.

Anonymous said...

how cute! real candy canes would be tasty. :0)

<3 danielle

Painted Pink Pot said...

Very cute! I still need one for my tree....... My mom put the tree up for the kids to decorate this weekend.....

cindy said...

Cute, cute, cute! And green too! I love it!

yapping cat

Debbie said...

Your cans are darling. I love the snowmen. What a great idea for gift giving. I've been thinking of ways I can give gifts this year without wraping paper or paper gift bags. This is great!

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Love, love, love the cans! I've been using coffee cans for years - painted many of them - but never thought about gluing buttons on the snowman's belly - now, I must try that. Thanks for the inspiration my friend.

I know this year will be sad since it is the first Christmas since the loss of your brother. May you have peace this season and may you and yours have a very blessed Christmas. Cathy

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