Monday, November 9, 2009

Wooden Snowpeople

I promised myself I would not post anything "Christmasy" until after Thanksgiving. But I have started my Christmas crafts and I am sure most of you have, too. I guess I have broken another promise. Like the one I make every Monday about eating better and getting more exercise! So, I will have to live with this broken promise, too.

I love these little guys and gals. They are made from craft sticks. I started making the snowgirls, but they took longer to make than I wanted. That is why the snowmen out number the snowgirls.

I am looking forward to putting them on our tree. But, I will wait patiently. I need more hours in the day already, without wishing the month of November goodbye.

I see a Christmas wedding in the future for these two. Handsome couple don't you think?
Not everyone can wear a bird in their hat!
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steviewren said...

Your blog is always full of happy things...these snow people will make your Christmas tree perky and fun. Love the details.

Carrie said...

I love them so do you care if I borrow this idea I just love snowmen and women too cute!


Lorilee said...

I made snowmen with tongue depressors years ago with cub scouts. Then I made more for me! Yours are WAY cuter!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh these are ADORABLE!!!

What a great idea...I think I have some that my kids made in kindergarten...packed away.

Terra said...

How cute these snowpeople are, and especially the boy and girl who may marry :)
You might like the book I co-authored, about Christmas, since you have a lot of enthusiasm for celebrating it, like I do.