Monday, November 2, 2009

Time for a Change

It is time for a change. Change is good, so they say! November, is not one of my favorite months. The sun sets earlier, the temperature drops and it also means being trapped inside more than I like. However, I am determined to change! I do not see a move to a warmer climate in the near future. It is what it is! I have to come up with things to do. Be creative! Get out there and make the most of fall in New England! I can either embrace the colder months ahead or just complain about them. This will not be easy for this summer loving girl. But, time is not standing still and neither will I! So, November here I come! It is time to wake up and smell the pumpkin flavored coffee! Then the eggnog flavored coffee!

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cindy said...

It's all about the attitude gurl! You go for it! :D And yeah, I'll take one of those coffee's while you are at it! :D

yapping cat

Carrie said...

I understand so much hang in there!

by the way I love the skull bag so much how great!