Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cards

With all the crafting I wanted to do for Christmas, I decided not to make cards this year. But then I came across a cute reindeer pattern and before I knew it (a couple of hours) I had made four cards.

These will be sent to a few of my best little friends.

Now all I have to do is sign and mail them!

Thanks for visiting!


Crickit said...

These reindeer cards are really cute and very creative! :)

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh wow, these are adorable! Love the glitter spots on him! Ok, my address is... LOL! Oh wait you didn't ask...hehe. Your friends will love them!

Your daughter and her bf's puppy is adorable!!! We have always had a black lab until now. I couldn't do a big dog puppy alone in MI while hubs was in IL. So, a bulldog (my personal fave) fit my life style. When we get a house here, we will be getting a black lab.

Hope you're enjoying the season thus far! Today, I must get the tree done! I'm so far behind!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Miss Debbie said...

Love the little reindeer!