Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is a set of magnets that I made for my daughter.
She loves fashion and jewelry. I love fashion, too. However, she works in the fashion world. I would love to be a member of that world. The top magnet is a belt and the bottom magnet is a big and bold ring.

She has just started to bake, another thing we have in common. The top magnet is frosting on a wooden spoon. The bottom one is a clock charm.

She also likes antiques the top magnet is a candle holder on a chandelier. She likes anchors, too. Now, that is just strange. No, not really, the anchor is associated with Rhode Island, "The Ocean State".

Well, that is the start of her set. Let's face it everyone likes magnets! What else would we use to hold up all those important things on our refrigerators?

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Kim's Treasures said...

Super cute! Love that you made them things she loves. Hope you're enjoying the holiday season!


Christmas shows on Hallmark...
oh good for you
Are the beautiful magnets made with a picture glued behind the glass bead??
I made some faces that way ..come see (:)

steviewren said...

I have some of those clear doohickeys. I need to make some of these for myself.

"She" is going to love her set!